Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflex is specially adapted reflexology for babies from the age of 4 weeks, the techniques are only practised on the feet. These techniques have been developed over the years, and have helped to ease and relieve many discomforting conditions in babies.

Baby reflex sessions last an hour and a half.

Part 1 – Feeding and digestion

Part 2 – Sleeping and comforting

Part 3 – Well being (including ear nose and throat areas, and teething pains)

Baby reflex is usually taught in groups of 4 parents/carers, the cost will be £15 each.

Workshops are held at

The United Reform Church in Kelvedon

Note for Parents

It is important that parents receive full instruction on how to use the baby reflex techniques and diagrams before they begin to treat their babies. As a qualified baby reflex trainer / reflexologist I will ensure that you are applying the right touch in the right places.

Parents should always contact their Doctor regarding any concerns with their baby’s health. This is also important in the case of baby showing symptoms for an underlying virus or other infection.

To book book a course, or if you would like some more information please contact me on 07979 806008