Holistic Massage

Massage could have a define psychological effect by loosening of muscle tension, the physical counterpart to how we defend and protect ourselves from psychological pain this can lead to the freeing of repressed emotions. One common physical symptom is muscle tension this often results in pain such as headaches, backache and a sore neck.

Often, the physical symptoms themselves can lead to other feelings such as stress, which can result in a vicious cycle. This cycle could put people at risk of serious health problems such as stomach ulcers or severe anxiety and depression.

By treating the physical symptoms Massage could help reduce muscle tension and pain. This allows you to feel physically more comfortable and could help make things seem easier to cope with. Massage could also make sure that the systems of the body are all working efficiently and effectively to help reduce other symptoms.

Massage could also have a profound effect on the mind. It could help to improve the circulation of “feel good” hormones around the body, affecting the way you think and feel. This can help to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing. Touch encourages a natural and positive psychological response.

Massage could help to loosen and stimulate muscles, helping with posture and movement. However it does not increase the strength of muscles this can only be achieved by exercise. Joints are critical to exercise and stiff joints discourage exercise.

People that have regular massage treatments realize that they have found a form of drugless therapy. Many conditions, as well as aches and pains, could respond well to massage therapy.